Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I assume most blogs are the web equivalent of talking to yourself. And here I go talking to myself. I'm broke (as usual) but now I'm broke without a job. What the fuck happened? Lost my job last week and finally went to the Unemployment Office early this morning, which I luckily found out is literally right behind my house. I waited in line (I was the second person there...I though good, things must be better if there are only two people here...then 20 more showed up in 10 minutes) and the poor Shlubby White guy in front of me talked my ear off the whole time we were in line. All about how he's been on unemployment extension for a total of 44 weeks now ever since he lost his construction company. He went on and on about how it's the Bankers, the Government, The Black & Hispanic scammers with their shady sub-primes that brought him down (I thought that was really odd 'cause I'm Black. And another Black guy, even bigger and broader than my 6'2" frame, was in line behind me.) I kept engaging this poor desperate Caucasian while the other Black dude just pretended he was somewhere else. I thought that this poor guy is so desperate and angry he's willing to die in line at the Unemployment office. This is my future?

At some point, I have to explore why White People often feel free to engage in race talk with me. I'm clearly not scary enough.